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Carole Lynne - For a psychic medium who does private and group consultations, contact us in Newton, Massachusetts.



My calling is to evolve spiritually and to help others on the spiritual path by communicating with their loved ones in spirit and by receiving guidance from higher realms. 

Spirit Communication: My calling is to give accurate and compassionate readings to those who want to communicate with the spirits of their loved ones. When we communicate, we are in touch with our loved ones who are now in another dimension. Mediumship is a sacred practice and the healing that takes place is beyond what can be described.

I am not interested in trying to force others into my belief system. Each person must come to their own conclusions about the nature of the universe. I am here to bring messages from loved ones in spirit. I am here to educate others by sharing my experience and answering their questions.

Intuitive Guidance: My calling is to offer intuitive readings to those who are ready to receive guidance from spiritual realms. Many of us do not look deeply enough as we try to make decisions about our lives.  In an intuitive reading, the wisdom from spirit that is available to us all, can help us look deeper than surface areas of the "personality level." As we receive guidance from a higher source, we are able to make decisions in line with our soul purpose. With the guidance we are able to make better choices for our personal lives and for our world. 

Spiritual UnfoldmentI will continue to work on my own spiritual development and and to act as a teacher and facilitator to students on the spiritual path. Through my work in Spiritualist churches, and in the seminars that I offer, my goal is to assist others. With the many problems our world faces today, it is more important than ever that we evolve spiritually 

In Response to Your Calls: Many of you call me or email me with questions about how we can communicate with our loved ones in spirit and about how we can tune into our inner psychic to receive spiritual guidance.  In response to your questions I have written five books.  

I offer you:

 "How To Get A Good Reading From a Psychic Medium" for those of you who would like to understand what to expect from a reading, and what YOUR role is in the process. 

"Consult Your Inner Psychic" for those of you who would like to learn to get in touch with the inner wisdom that is the birthright of each one of us.

"Heart and Sound" to those of you who would like to work with affirmations and sing chants along with the CD.

"Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World" for those of you who want to read about spiritual experience and in doing so open to the cosmic realities within your own consciouness. 

"Are You Psychic or Making It Up? A must have book for those of you who want to understand more about the spiritual experiences you have and how to develop your gifts. Also learn how to get the support you need from the non-psychics in your life. 



To carry out my mission, I offer telephone and in-person readings. Through these telephone and in-person readings, I strive to bring my clients messages that are accurate and compassionate.  The readings I have received from other mediums proved to me that my loved ones were safe in the world of spirit, my fear of death was greatly reduced and I have enjoyed the messages from loved ones in spirit.  My own transformation and the realization that I have been given the gift of mediumship, has motivated me to dedicate the rest of my life to giving readings to others.

Carole Lynne

Remember that we are all ONE and our loved ones are with us!