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Telephone Readings and In-Person Readings


Mediumistic Readings:  If you are seeking communication with loved ones who have passed on into eternal life, make an appointment for a mediumistic reading.  Carole Lynne provides evidence that she is in touch with your loved ones. Sacred communication with your loved ones will bring you the comfort that they are safe in spirit. If you do not already believe in an afterlife, a mediumistic reading may be a turning point in your life as you receive evidence that the spirits of your loved ones have lived on. Those who communicate often bring guidance about present life situations. There is time at the end of the mediumistic reading to ask questions that have not already been answered and to discuss spiritual issues.


Many prospective clients ask Carole Lynne if there is a waiting period after a person passes into spirit before the loved one can communicate. In other words "do we need to wait a specific amount of time before reaching a loved one in spirit?"   In Carole Lynne's experience, there is no "best time" to reach a loved one in spirit.  She has had communications from loved ones eight hours after passing, and fifty years after passing. Carole Lynne has heard many mediums talk about the need to choose the best time, but as this has not been Carole Lynne's experience, she does not have this view.  What Carole Lynne DOES believe is that when she AND the client prepare properly for the mediumistic reading, there is a much greater chance of reaching the loved one. It can never be guaranteed that a medium will reach a particular loved one in spirit, but in Carole Lynne's experience, when the preparation is right, the communication is usually successful.


Before your reading, Carole Lynne does not want you to give her any information about your life or about those whom you wish to communicate with. She wants to prove that she is in communication with your loved ones, so any information you give her will only confuse her as to what she has heard from you and what she is receiving from the world of spirit.


For details about rates and availability email 


Now, read about Intuitive Guidance Readings and Spiritual Path Mentoring, and decide which kind of session is best for you. If you are not sure, Carole Lynne or her assistant will be happy to help you as you make a decision.  Give us a call at 617 964-0058 and we will respond promptly with information about rates and availability. Or email us at


Intuitive Guidance Readings: If the main purpose of having a reading is to get advice about current life situations, make an appointment for an intuitive reading. Be prepared to tell Carole Lynne what life situations you would like her to focus on during your reading. Is your focus related to relationships, work, creativity, or spiritual path? In an intuitive guidance reading, Carole Lynne enters what she experiences as a sacred realm where she is able to access wisdom and guidance for you.  She also hopes that the experience of an intuitive guidance reading will inspire you to learn to enter that sacred space yourself to receive answers.

In addition to looking at whatever current life issues are important to you, Carole Lynne will take an intuitive look at what she calls "your energies."  She will share with you what she feels you need to be on your true path in life.  You will hear about your natural talents and also hear about the areas that are challenges for you.  An Intuitive Guidance Reading with Carole Lynne is more than a quick reading about a current situation. While most readings include advice about current situations, the reading covers more than your current challenges.

Carole Lynne does not give "psychic readings" or "tell fortunes." She is an Intuitive who believes in free will, and does not believe that everything in life is predetermined.  If you believe that life is predetermined and want a reader to predict the future, you will be better off to find a reader who shares your belief system.  As an Intuitive, Carole Lynne is able to look at situations in your life and tell you what to be careful of and what you can do to improve the situation. For instance, if you are having a problem in a relationship or at work, Carole Lynne will be able to perceive what is going on and give you helpful advice about what to look out for and what to do. Spiritual guidance is extremely empowering if one chooses to listen to the guidance, contemplate what has been said, and then change ones life. Ultimately each one of us is in charge of our own lives.  Intuitive guidance can be extremely helpful as we sometimes have to make difficult and often complicated choices. 

Clients who want a reader to tell them what they want to hear, such as "he will come back to you" or "you will always have the money you need" are not always happy working with Carole Lynne and should look for a psychic fortune teller instead.  Clients who are willing to take an honest look at their lives and who want to take responsibility for making changes, find working with Carole Lynne to be extremely helpful. Please click the following link to read about the kinds of questions that can be asked during a reading. Of course you can add to this list with your own questions.


Click Here: Good Questions to Ask in a Guidance Reading

For details about rates and availability email

Spiritual Path Mentoring: If you feel that the world of spirit is knocking on your door to let you know you have spiritual gifts, you may find Carole Lynne's spiritual mentoring extremely helpful.  Many who are beginning to open up to the world of spirit, find it confusing, and can benefit greatly from mentoring. A  mentoring session can be the perfect experience for you as you cope to understand what your spiritual experiences may mean, or if you are trying to choose a path of spiritual education. Carole Lynne can share her experience with you, and help you find the right spiritual path.There are many decisions one has to make during spiritual unfoldment. She treats each client as an individual and never uses a "one size fits all" approach.

You may want to have just one mentoring consultation, twice a year, once a month, or as needed.  Carole Lynne is available for ongoing mentoring if need be. In order to schedule a session you must speak with Carole Lynne so that you and she can decide if you are a good "match."  At that time, Carole Lynne will supply you with the details: fees, schedules and how to book. Or you may email for information about Spiritual Path Mentoring at



Questions by email, booking by phone: To ask questions about readings, fees and current availability, email Carole Lynne at or call 617 964-0058.  


Reschedule Policy: Clients who give 48 hours notice will be rescheduled into the next available appointment on Carole Lynne’s schedule or given credit for a reading which can be scheduled within the next twelve months. There is no refund for canceled or missed readings. Carole Lynne only makes appointments with those who have done their research and definately made up their minds that they want a reading with Carole Lynne. 


Do your research: Read the testimonials on this website and the letter by Bob Olsen on the home page to learn more about Carole Lynne's readings.

Confused About Readings?

Many people do not know what to expect in a reading. Call our office at 617 964-0058 and we will be happy to explain.

If you need in depth information before making an appointment with any reader, consider reading a small and inexpensive book called How To Get A Good Reading From a Psychic Medium by Carole Lynne.  You can download two free chapters of this book by using the "box" at the top of this page. To order the whole book, scroll up and look at the left hand side of this page: click on "Books"  and place your order.  Or visit or call your local bookstore to order.



Our Loved Ones in Spirit are Waiting to Communicate

When I first started having readings, I was thinking of myself and what I wanted to get out of a reading. I wanted my mother and my father to communicate with me, and they did. When I realized that I had been given the gift of being able to do readings for others, my perspective on readings began to change. As I gave reading after reading, I came to understand that it is just as important to those in spirit to have the opportunity to communicate with us, as it is for us to communicate with them. So when I give a reading, I now understand that it is not just for the sake of the client, but for the sake of those in spirit who appear to be waiting to communicate with us.

Carole Lynne

A Psychic Medium offering telephone readings and in-person readings.

Accurate messages from loved ones in spirit.