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What Is Spiritualism?

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Carole Lynne: an ordained Spiritualist minister, certified medium and commissioned healer

Spiritualism is a religion, a philosophy and a science. Spiritualists prove that when our physical life is over, our consciousness survives and passes into the world of spirit. Spiritualists prove the continuity of life through their demonstrations of mediumship. A person with the gift of mediumship, who is called "a medium," is able to receive messages from loved ones in spirit and relay those messages to loved ones still living. Spiritualist Churches and organizations offer lectures and demonstrations of spirit communication. Many groups also offer spiritual healing services.

When Carole Lynne realized that she was receiving messages from the world of spirit, she wanted to work with the world's best teachers of mediumship. She turned to Spiritualist Organizations for her education and found many wonderful teachers. She has studied in the United States and in the United Kingdom. Carole Lynne was ordained as a minister, a certified medium and a commissioned healer with the American Federation of Spiritualist Churches. She served the AFSC from 1994 - 2014. She is a now an ordained minister and member of the Greater Boston Church of Spiritualism in Watertown, Massachusetts and offers Spiritualist events in Newton, Massachusetts. She has also studied for many years at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England and is an CSNU award holder in public speaking and mediumship demonstration with the Spiritualist National Union of Great Britain. Carole Lynne has served churches many states in the US, many churches in England, and served the Edinburgh College of Parapsychology for seven years.



Are  you interested in attending a Spiritualist Church service?

If you are interested in attending a Spiritualist Church you will receive a warm welcome. You do not have to be a Spiritualist to attend a service. Most Spiritualist church services include a lecture, a healing service, music, and a demonstration of spirit communication by a Spiritualist medium. There is no fee to attend a service but donations are gratefully accepted.

If you are in grief over the loss of a loved one and would like to have a reading with a Spiritualist medium, you can attend a service and get information about making an appointment for a private reading.  For more information on Spiritualism and for help in finding a church please email Carole Lynne at


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