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New Age Themes Minus the Waterfalls

Styles include folk, jazz, blues, soft rock and electronic. This is NOT meditation music.  This is music to wake you up rather than put you to sleep. You can find plenty of soothing meditation music on the internet and it IS useful. But songs that make you happy and hopeful ALSO have their place. If you are in deep grief you may not be ready for "popular music styles" but if you are ready to try to balance your feelings of grief with feelings of hope this music will be very helpful for you and for your family and friends.

FUNLOVE FOLK JAZZ is an upbeat CD of songs. 

TO BUY  click on page "Book-CD-Seminar"

Each song tells a story, I never got bored composing and recording this CD because I used all different styles of music. Sometimes when I listen to CD's I get bored after the third song because all the songs start to sound the same to me.  I wanted to create a CD that would not bore me OR anyone else.  You will hear blues, jazz, folk and soft rock. Hopefully you will enjoy the variety of sounds as I do. 

I use several different acoustic guitars on the CD: a Guild 12 string, a Taylor, and an inexpensive guitar I picked up at Bounty Music on the island of Maui. I can't think of the brand right now. I also use keyboard sounds from my Reason electronic sound bank, and some electronic drums. On one song I use an inexpensive wooden flute I also found on the island in Kihei at one of the outdoor stands.  (It has a great tone, but when I played it, I had a funny taste in my mouth LOL. After using it to record I had to get rid of it.)

Danial Fox did a great job of adding bass, drums and electric guitar tracks. Daniel is a great musician, recording engineer and producer of audio projects. (

I had many music gigs in the 60ies through the 80ies. When I started to realize I was a psychic medium I had to put my music aside for a number of years as I was working on certifications at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted England, and also with the AFSC in the United States. My studies took a good ten years and actually a medium never stops developing. NO school can make any one a medium, but if you ARE a medium, good teachers can help you refine your way of working with Spirit.  There is always something new to explore and discover.  Now I am able to work as a psychic medium and also produce music for my family, friends and clients. I use music with many clients, often sending a link to a particular song I have posted that I think will be healing for a particular client. Music is a great healer as many of you know.

I invite you to join me on my musical journey.  My CD is available in my online store. Just click on the page called Book-CD-Seminar.  Soon this CD will also be available on CDBABY, Itunes, Apple Music and many other digital stores where you can download individual tracks or the whole album. On this site you can purchase a signed copy of the physical product


TO BUY click on page "Book-CD-Seminar"

I had always wanted to compose and record a CD of totally electronic sounds that would encourage listeners to go into different altered states of consciouness. Here are the steps I took in the journey of composing each piece on this CD.

STEP ONE: Choose a sound from my "electronic bank of sounds." I use a product called "Reason."

STEP TWO: Count myself down into a slightly hypnotic state of consciouness and then turn on the recording computer program.

STEP THREE: Sit at the keyboard and close my eyes and ask Spirit to guide my hands on the keys which will record the particular sound that I have chosen.

When that track is done, then I repeat the the three steps again and layer each track over the previous track.  I repeat the three steps until I feel that the piece is finished.  I was amazed at how the tracks of each piece all fit together to create an atmosphere. I felt like I was channeling the music for this CD and each piece was totally unique.

Each piece takes me on a unique journey of consciouness. I have played these pieces with my students and we have had some very interesting experiences.  I hope you will enjoy Hypnotic Cave.