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Good Questions to Ask in an Intuitive Guidance Reading

Good Questions


Here are some examples of the kinds of questions that will bring you the most helpful guidance from spirit. You do not need to ask the questions on this list if you already have your own list.


Relationships: examples of good questions to ask

I want a new relationship. What kind of person is best for me?

Right now, what kind of person do you think I would attract?

What do I need to watch out for when looking for a new relationship?

Why is my current relationship in trouble? Can I fix it?

What are the chances of getting my old boyfriend or girlfriend back?

How can I improve my relationship with my husband, friend, son, daughter, sister, brother, etc etc. ?


Work: examples of good questions to ask

I want a new job. How can I be most successful?

I feel tension at work. What do you think is going on?

How can I be more successful in my current job?

What kind of work am I best suited for?


Well Being: some good questions to ask

How well do I take care of myself?

What do I need to be careful of?

What does my body, mind and spirit need to feel best?

What are the things and people in my life causing me the most stress? What can I do to reduce the stress in my life?

I have learned alot of stress reduction techniques but I am not able to do them. Why. What can I do to improve the way I feel every day?


Spiritual Path: some good questions to ask

What am I here for?

What are my spiritual gifts?

How can I be most helpful to others?

What is my spiritual path?


BE OPEN TO GUIDANCE  Spiritual guidance can transform your life. Be open to the guidance that comes through in a reading from spirit.  Carole Lynne believes in free will and that as we get spiritual advice, we can make better decisions about whether to stay in a relationship or not: whether to stay in a job or look for a new job. We can learn about who and what is creating stress in our lives, and then change our lives.

If there are predictions, Carole Lynne will give predictions, but understand that all in life is not predestined.  Spirit may not give Carole Lynne a prediction related to every question you ask.  As you ask questions, you will receive deeper insight about your current situation, and guidance about what to do to make your life work better.  

If you believe in free will and that there are spiritual forces that can help us become the very best people we can be, then Carole Lynne may be the perfect reader for you to work with. Her intuitive gift will allow her to see things going on in the situations of your life that you may not be able to see.  Or what she perceives may verify for you that what you are seeing is correct.

An intuitive reading with Carole Lynne will give you the opportunity to receive guidance from the spiritual realm Carole Lynne connects with.  She calls this the "Cosmic Connection" and the guidance she receives for you may give you tools to work with that are life changing.