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Endorsements for Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World


Praise for Cosmic Connection

Messages for a Better World


“We all are searching for a cosmic connection. Carole Lynne’s new book is a masterful journey into the hidden secrets of the spirit. A great read.”
Lynn V. Andrews, author of the New York Times best-selling Medicine Women series and founder of the Lynn Andrews Center for Sacred Arts and Training


“Not since Jane Roberts’ introduction to Seth have I been so eager for more, turning pages and nodding again and again. With an aching planet in dire need of guidance, understanding, and hope, this meaningful and timeless work will be appreciated by every reader who seeks to further their knowledge pertaining to the interconnectedness that encompasses all.”
Janice Ervin, parapsychic lecturer and event coordinator


“At last, an account of a true spiritual journey. Medium Carole Lynne shares her discoveries and insights and shows us the way to work with the universal laws so that we may have the life we desire and need. She has gone beyond ‘just’ proving life after death and asked the questions of how and why—and gotten the answers!”
Robert Brown, international medium, author of We Are Eternal, and founder of Mediums Original Boot Camp


“Carole Lynne takes us on her wonderful journey from a budding medium to the path of the mystic. She has a whimsical way of taking us through her experiences through dreams and traveling through multiple dimensions to becoming aware of divine guidance and being aware of its possibilities. This is a true exploration of learning, understanding, and believing.”
Rita S. Berkowitz, spiritual counselor and author of Empowering Your Life with Angels


“Whether you believe in spirit communication or not, this book offers powerful universal wisdom that can change the way you think about your world.”
Stephanie Marisca Straight, program director of All That Matters, a yoga and holistic education center in Wakefield, Rhode Island


“Carole Lynne makes me feel that all of us have the possibility of experiencing greater depth of spirituality. Reading Cosmic Connection helps me understand that all of us can connect with Divine Consciousness.”
Marysia Gensler, Iyengar Yoga instructor

How to Get a Good Reading from a Psychic Medium is an indispensable part of my ongoing research into gifted individuals who are able to connect with those who have crossed over, and Cosmic Connection is Carole Lynne’s story of her guided journey to accept her gift. It has expanded my understanding and appreciation of what it takes to accept the flow of cosmic energy.”
Ray Anthony Shepard, author of Conjure Tales


Cosmic Connection has come at a monumental time in the evolution of humankind. The Energy will guide each one of us to our own unique creative place on Earth and in the cosmos, both fulfilling our lives and aiding the course of humanity to the realization that we are one. Thank you, Carole Lynne, for reminding us of this basic truth through your work as a psychic medium, minister, and spiritual counselor.”
Mario A. Aranda, spiritual musician


“Carole Lynne has stepped out of the spiritual closet to bring forward her very personal experiences as a trance channel. Her connection with her Guidance is a much-needed door opener to a deeper understanding of our own experiences. Her story leads you onward, anxious to find out what will happen next. At times, I felt like I was reading a mystery. This book will become a classic within the field of metaphysics.”
Barbara Szafranski, owner of Angelica of the Angels and Angels Landing of Salem, Massachusetts


“Carole Lynne in this book has given us a gift–a gift of knowing that we can become a part of the solution and not a part of the problems that our universe is experiencing. That it is up to us to create and maintain our own happiness and that of this great universe. No one has all the answers as to what is beyond, but we understand that the more importance we place on the idea of Oneness, the clearer it becomes that we are all spirit and that the cosmic energy that makes up our being resonates with all other. I could not put the book down, it was absolutely filled with Carole Lynne’s beautiful energy and love. Thank you for sharing your spiritual journey with us. I anxiously await the continuation of this wondrous path that we are traveling.”
Rev. Mary Kingslien, pastor at the Church of Spiritual Awakening, Kissimmee, Florida


“As a medical scientist who always questioned how I knew what I knew, information that I had received not from a book, I was reminded by Carole Lynne’s Cosmic Connection that I was, and am, tuned in to my higher self and divine wisdom. Her book supports trusting this blessing from the universe.”
Sondra Barrett, Ph.D., author of The Soul of Wine and co-author of Radiant Minds: 35 Scientists Explore the Nature of Consciousness